Jowy's World starring Jowy Artiedes In the tradition of Gone With The Wyndia, Ridley and Sigurd of Arabia comes a sweeping screen epic bursting with spectacle and drama... NOT! It's Jowy's World, the hilarious party-down movie of the year, featuring rockin' tunes, radical babes, and your excellent hosts, Jowy Atriedes and Nameless Hero!

The adventure begins when a sleazy strategist (Shu Silverburg) offers our heroes a fat contract to bring their personal charisma to bear on the world stage - and the two can't believe their good fortune ("No way." "WAY!"). But they soon discover the road from basement to big time is a gnarly one, fraught with danger, temptation and ragin' party opportunities/

Can Jowy win the affections of the babelicious Crown Princess Jillia? Will Nameless Hero find his suggestion box? Serious questions, dude, and there's only one way to find out - watch Jowy's World!

Based on a true story.