Death Is But A Door edited by Seymour Guado Are you or someone you love dead? Or are you still alive but afraid of your death and worried about what life is like after you pass from the mortal coil? Either way, THIS is the book for you!

Let leading unsent Maester Seymour Guado introduce you to a whole untapped world of possibilities, in the form of first-hand testimony by some of the worlds' most famous and accomplished dead people!

Included within are pieces written by such astonishing notables as:
Vlad Dracula, Aeris Gainsborough, Neclord, Auron, Seymour himself, and basically the entire cast of Valkyrie Profile! Plus a special piece written by Sage Tellah on "General Leo, his unlife and times"!

As Seymour and his contributors so compellingly show, being dead is no reason to stop living the life YOU want to live!

Order Death Is But A Door TODAY for just 1200 MP (if dead) or 1800 gil (if alive)! That's a deal to die for!