Interview With The Half-Vampire by Maria Renard He was the Prince of Vampires... but he gave up undead rulership to aid mortals in their struggle against his immortal dad, Dracula! For the first time, the astonishing story of Adrian Farenheights Tepes, aka Alucard, is told, in Interview With the Half-Vampire by Maria Renard.

A sweeping historical epic that literary critic Miria Ausa calls "breathtakingly lyrical and almost frighteningly authentic," Interview is New Parm Times best-selling novelist Renard's largest and most popular work, as well as her most critically acclaimed. And this astonishing yarn is all the more breathtaking because it is Based On A True Story!

Renard, herself a former vampire huntress and a 'close personal acquaintance' of Alucard's, based the novel on a series of extensive one-on-one interviews conducted over the course of several years. It is no surprise that her characterization of the deeply troubled undead Prince has been called the most in depth portrait of an undead or half-undead subject in years.

Learn the never-before-revealed secrets of Alucard's early years, his tragic and steamy romances with mortals and immortals alike (including an astonishing five-decade affair with noted fanatical Asgardian undead hunter Hrist Valkyrie), his lucrative and shady financial dealings with Castlevania's Librarian, his relationship with the whip-swinging Belmont clan, and his present uneasy truce with dear old dad!

Available in paperback for the first time for a mere 2900 GP! That's a deal you can really sink your teeth into!