Dragon Gods Are People, Too by Fou-Lu The happiness of millions has been destroyed by Dracodeiphobia, the Fear of Dragon Gods, says Fou-Lu, and it is time it came to an end! For Dragon Gods and those who love them, the time to come to a better understanding of their place in the world and how they can live productive, emotionally fulfilling lives is NOW!

Dracodeiphobia is 'the last prejudice,' says the worlds-renowned Dragon God and Divine Emperor, and it has made such a deep impact on worlds' culture than even some Dragon Gods have begun to believe it.

"Mine folk hath been ill-used, e'en by ourselves," Fou-Lu says in the introduction, showing off both his remarkable clarity and riveting style. "Tis time we cometh to a better understanding amongst our own kind, and likewise with yon mortals."

Drawing on countless eons of experience, Fou-Lu paints a convincing picture of a happy, healthy coexistence that can blossom into lasting (albeit half-mortal) friendships, or even love!

Order today, and discover that Dragon Gods Are People, Too!