The Spy Next Door by Fei Fong Wong Citan Uzuki, mild mannered country doctor... or Hyuga Ricdeau, ruthless secret agent and assassin in the employ of the Sacred Empire of Solaris? Only Fei Fong Wong can answer this question with the authority he does, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Agent Ricdeau was both... and neither.

Relying upon his own eye-witness testimony and vicious rumors from across the worlds, Fei pieces together an incredible expose that will leave you riveted. Follow the grisly path from the peaks of Mt. Koltz, where Hyuga was reputedly involved in the 'silencing' of martial arts master Duncan, to the sewers of Nortune, where he stands accused of framing both the Wels creature Redrum and Fei's alter-ego Id for a series of bizarre murders, to the imperial palace in Gregminster, where he may have aided Lady Windy in destabilizing the Scarlet Moon Empire.

Finally, in his stunning conclusion, Fei discovers, on the sworn testimony of noted angel and television personality Krelian, that it was really Hyuga who was responsible for the plan to assassinate Emperor Cain himself!

Stunning allegations, and a stunning book - at a stunning low price of just 500 G plus shipping and handling! The first 500 orders will also receive Fei's previous best-selling tell-all biography, Yowie! Sigurd Harcourt, A Life In Fanart, at half price.