Back to the Future Part 2 starring Crono and Lucca Ashtear From Garr-award-winning producer/director Ramus of Burg comes this smash hit sequel to one of the worlds' most popular temporal adventure tales!

Crono and Dr. Lucca Ashtear reprise their roles as a pair of intrepid time travellers caught up in a web of paradoxes and anomalies! When 'the Doc' (Ashtear) returns from the future with bad news for Crono and his girlfriend (HRH Nadia Guardia), it's back to the future to sort out the trouble!

But their problems are just starting, because Crono's perennial nemesis, Janos "Biff" Zeal gets his hands on both the time machine - and a means of altering the course of history forever!

Will Crono and Lucca be able to foil this dastardly plan in time? Don't waste another minute finding out - Back to the Future Part 2 is now available on video and DVD!