Blitzin' With Wakka by Wakka If you've ever wanted to know what life is like from the inside of a pro Sphere Pool, look no further than Blitzin' With Wakka, a fast, fun and engrossing Blitzball autobiography! Wakka's enjoyable style and extensive real-life experience make him the ideal person to reveal the real Blitzball world to, well, the worlds!

Not only is Blitzin' With Wakka a great read for fans of the sport, it's an inspiring and helpful tract for those looking to make a career in the Sphere Pool! Wakka lets his readers in on the secrets of some of the famous signature shots in Blitzball, as well as some of the techniques that have helped him compete defensively.

Whether you're an aspiring Blitzer, a die-hard fan of the sport in general and the Worlds Champion Besaid Aurochs in particular, or just looking for a great read, Blitzin' With Wakka is right on target!

Order you copy today for a mere 740 gil plus shipping and handling! That's a trade any team would be happy to make!