Inbreeding Without Guilt by Bartholomew and Marguerite Fatima Inbreeding - it's not just for pharaohs anymore! That's the contention of Inbreeding Without Guilt, a shocking new book from the Avehan monarchs Bartholomew and Marguerite Fatima. Backed up by extensive anecdotal and laboratory evidence, they set about demolishing the long-held taboo on inbreeding!

This expansive yet readily accessible volume traces the historical roots of inbreeding and its many vocal opponents, and shows with sometimes breathtaking clarity the wrongheadedness of the idea of genetic variance. "Inbreeding made us what we are today," the authors explain in the forward.

Inbreeding Without Guilt features an introduction by Sir Irving Vold Valeria, who, with his sister Altaecia, has for years been speaking to sold-out crowds on his speaking tour, 'Redefining the Loving Sibling Relationship.'

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