No one in the entire multiverse has quite the extensive experience in his field of endeavor as the incomparable Sheena Lepant - and his field of endeavor is the art and science of How to Pick Up Chicks! Now, this famed playboy lends his considerable talents to this definitive work.

INSIDE - You will find the five most important rules of the pre-dating process, including what to wear, what to say and what contrived situations work best for whatever type of chick you want to pick up, from candlelight to cavern.

REVEALED - Sheena's easy five step guide to the most appealing male careers and how to fake them, including artist, mercenary swordsman, and Emperor of the Universe. With photos and suggested props!

UNVEILED - Why women who are really interested will often play hard to get - and how to get them anyway!

DEMOLISHED - The trouble with societal taboos and how to avoid their debilitating effects on the dating scene, as well as a special section devoted to getting 'Shock Dates' from those you would think least likely to go out with you.

SPECIAL - An entire chapter, "That Is Not The Way Of The Warrior's Village", devoted to this and other cheesy excuses ladies will try out while playing hard to get - and the obscure pop culture references that will shoot them down.

All this, plus a special introduction by another acknowledged master of the dating scene, Edgar Roni Figaro!

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