I'm Not A "Hero" by Brad Evans, the "Hero of Slayheim" He may not be a "Hero," but world savior and top motivational speaker Brad Evans has certainly proven himself ready to pull no punches in his shocking assault on... himself!

I'm Not A "Hero" is the astonishing true story of Brad's rise to fame and fortune in the Slayheim Liberation Army - and how the true, unsung "Hero" of the story was swept under the rug by Vinsfeld Rhadamanthus!

Brad doesn't shrink from blasting his own role in the SLA and its aftermath, either. After all, as he says in the introduction:

It's my obligation to "Him" that makes me "Me," Brad Evans, the "Hero of Slayheim" - but I'm NOT a "Hero." That's why I have this obligation to "Him." And that's what makes me Brad Evans, the "Hero..."

And that's just the beginning! Discover the TRUTH about the SLA, ARMs, Brad, Vinsfeld, Irving Vold Valeria, and even the enigmatic "Him," only in I'm Not A "Hero"! And this heroic effort can be YOURS for a mere 200 gella plus shipping and handling - order TODAY!