Noble is the Heart of Man by Cyan Garamonde Cyan Garamonde, one of the worlds' leading poets, has surprised critics and fans of his work alike by translating it into the exciting world of rap music!

Cyan, who says in the cover booklet that, "'Twas merely another way for mine humble poems to touch the hearts of many, young and old alike," brings a level of literary sophistication to his musical genre lacking in the work of such popular artists as Rap Masta Rapp, but the pounding beat has made him an overnight hit.

With hit singles like the title track, "Noble is the Heart of Man," and the music video hit "'Tis Thee, I See," it's no wonder that Cyan's work is achieving both critical and popular success. And as the first artist in the worlds to use non-rhyming poetry to push the envelope of rap, he's breaking new ground with each new song!

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