How to Succeed in Gebler Without Really Trying by Elhaym van Houten For years, millions of fans have wondered how Antitype, film star and former reincarnated Great Mother of Nisan Elhaym "Elly" van Houten-Krelian achieved the rank of Lieutenant in Solaris' Gebler Forces. Now, YOU can discover the secret to her success - a secret that can bring you incredible health, wealth and happiness!*

That's right, YOU TOO can learn how to become a Lieutenant in the Gebler forces, with an actual field command and genuine authority, despite having NO ambition, NO inclination, and NO talent!

In short, you'll learn How To Succeed In Gebler... Without Really Trying! **

As a special bonus, the first 500 copies of How To Succeed In Gebler... Without Really Trying feature an autographed photo of Elly demonstrating some of the techniques that got her to where she is today - order NOW!***

*offer good only to the -Abel- of the Sacred Empire of Solaris and only during CE (Cain Era)

**not valid in NeoSolaris, other terrestrial empires, other aerial empires, non-empires terrestrial or otherwise, or where prohibited

***must be 18 or older to qualify for this special offer