Ghostbusters 2 starring Luc, Lezard Valeth and Nash Four years after they saved New Parm from an ancient menace, the Ghostbusters (Luc, Lezard Valeth and Nash) are out of business... until a possessed painting starts stirring up trouble at the local art museum!

While Lezard has broken up with his paranormal-prone ex-girlfriend (Celes Chere), Luc and Nash are reduced to doing birthday parties for a few extra bucks. Also reprising their roles for this sequel to the smash hit movie are Millennia, as the Ghostbusters' secretary, Gau their once-possessed accountant, and Kiros Seagil as their fourth member.

Alucard Tepes Dracula joins the cast as the evil force the Ghostbusters are pitted against, who plans to be reborn - in the body of Celes' baby! Needless to say, it's up to our intrepid heroes to rescue the girl, blast the baddie, and save the world once again.

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