As the Nisan sect continues to grow, more and more are experiencing it. In Aveh and Nisan, it's a well known fact of life. And around the multitude of worlds, more and more people are wondering what Growing Up Nisan is really like.

Great Mother Marguerite Fatima tells, with loving humor and amusing anecdotes from her own childhood, just what to expect from it - the joys and trials, fun and mysteries that are distinctly Nisan in character.

Included within are such gems as:

× Great Mother Card trading for beginners - up until Triple Triad, the most popular form of card trading in the world!

× Avoiding the near occasions of sin when they are generally represented by one's cousin whom one is expected to 'stick close to'.

× Why one should never just move one's mouth and pretend to sing in the girl's choir, no matter how really vile a singer one is.

All this and more in Growing Up Nisan, which can be yours for the low, low price of 680 G or a set of 3 different Marguerite Cards, plus shipping and handling.

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