My Life As A White Dragon by Nall This autobiography, written by leading Dragon of Althena Nall, is a breathtaking look into the mind of one of the worlds' most majestic and powerful creatures. Nall leaves no stone unturned in giving a detailed account of his life and work, and of the inner workings of his reptilian mind.

From his youthful undercover work, travelling as a winged cat, to the epic responsibility of being the leading member of a new generation of Four Dragons, Nall describes a life of unparalleled depth and adventure, from his icy home cavern to the rusted halls of Taben's peak.

Revealed for the first time are the Lost Years of Nall's life, between the death of Dragonmaster Alex and the loss of his powers to the resurrected Ghaleon! Herein, you can discover how the Dragons went from being active defenders of Lunar to passive observers helping only as call spells, how the Dragonmaster's privilege was split up into equippable items, and how Nall and his fellows failed to stop deadly enemies from gaining power under their very noses!

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