Magicite are Forever starring Hyuga Ricdeau A fortune in magicite thrusts Hyuga Ricdeau into more explosive danger. Citan Uzuki returns to his greatest role in this thrilling Ricdeau adventure laced with action, humor and amazing special effects.

When Hyuga investigates mysterious activities in the world magicite market, he discovers that the evil Professor Cid VI is stockpiling the precious dead espers to use in his deadly Tech-Laser satellite capable of destroying massive targets on land, sea and air. Hyuga, with the help of his beautiful and enigmatic fellow agent, Miang Hawaa, sets out to stop the madman, but first he must grapple with a host of enemies. He confronts offbeat assassins Mr. Garamonde and Mr. Gabianni, as well as Celes and Terra -- two scantily clad beauties who are nearly a match for Hyuga in hand-to-hand combat. Finally, there's the reclusive billionaire Strago Magus, who just may hold a vital clue to Cid's whereabouts.

As the rapid-fire action kicks into overdrive, there's a gripping moon buggy chase, a wild pursuit through the streets of Jidoor, and a large-scale aerial assault in which the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Magicite Are Forever is a dynamic, full-throttle thriller of the highest caliber.