City of the Dark by Lady Neesa Anyone could surely have recorded the events that transpired in the last days of the city of Lea Monde and achieved a thrilling read, but it takes a very special kind of author, one with eye-witness experience, an imaginative mind, and a gift for language, to turn those dire days into a collection of stories to delight the young!

Drawing upon the ancient childrens' fables of the Lea Monde region and upon her own true story as one of the few to escape the doomed city, former Crimson Blade operative Neesa proves that she is just such an author, weaving fact and fable together to create an entertaining read that is fun for the whole family.

Adults and children alike will enjoy repeated readings of classic tales like The Boy Who Cried Iron Crab and The Three Little Riskbreakers. And if you order your copy TODAY, for just 500 gil plus shipping and handling, you will recieve a hugable Ashley Riot, Sydney Losstarot or Romeo Guildenstern plushie, absolutely FREE*!

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