Tai-Brahms by Brahms Lord of the undead, mightiest of vampires... fitness guru! Brahms, Lord of the Undead, reveals for the first time in this NEW book the secrets of his immortal unlife and awesome powers - and they're not what you think!

In his new fitness program, entitled Tai-Brahms, the Lord of the Undead reveals how he has used esoteric martial arts to stay fit as a fiddle after thousands of years of mostly sedentary undeath. For evidence, he points to his own astonishing condition: "Most vampires are well into the noseferatu stage by my age, yet, aside from some greying of the skin, I'm still the eight-foot-tall mountain of muscle I was six thousand years ago!"

And whether you're alive or undead, YOU can benefit from this extraordinairy NEW offer, for a mere 10,000 MP plus shipping and handling!*

* offer not valid in some afterlifes