The Terminator - Sabin Rene Figaro He feels no pain, no mercy, and no fear. He is the ultimate killing machine, human flesh over indestructible metal body, created in an apocalyptic future to change the past. He is the Terminator (Sabin Rene Figaro)!

Sent back in time to kill an unsuspecting and seemingly ordinary young woman (Rydia of Myst), this mechanical monster will stop at nothing to achieve his objective. He moves undetected through a skeptical world, hunting his prey with ruthless precision.

The only one who can stop him is a man from the future (Zidane Tribal) sent back to protect the machine's target - and the existence of the humanoid races!

See this NEW blockbuster action/thriller from the director of STARKIES and Zelbless, now available on video and DVD!