Silent Scream - Crono The breathtaking sequel to what the New Parm Times called "the most riveting autobiography of the year!" is here, and it is sure to surpass even Seen, Not Heard in influence and popularity! Silent Scream is Crono's second great work, and it is a shocking look into the life of one of the worlds' leading celebrities!

Since the publication of Seen, Not Heard, Crono's drama-and-adventure-filled life has taken a turn for the worse.

Written out of Chrono Cross after he demanded a salary increase, Crono expected a return to glory with the re-released Chrono Trigger... only to discover that his stunt double (Stahn Aileron) would be playing him in the new anime sequences!

Learn how his legal battle with Square bankrupted the Guardia Kingdom; how he and Queen Nadia were deposed by FATE; why most returning characters from CT looked like little kids in CC; and how Crono plans to TAKE BACK HIS LIFE.

This astonishing work will leave you speechless! Order today for a mere 1000 gil!