Primary Moogles - Umaro Revealed for the first time in this shocking expose, the sordid details of the TRUE story of Mog's successful campaign for Narshe mayor and failed bid for the Esthar presidency - and the corruption that has been the hallmark of his tumultuous administration!

This astonishing tale of deception, trickery and depravity strikes at the heart of the Cute Mascot Party, and it could only have been written by an eyewitness to the event - Mog's mayoral campaign manager and bodyguard, Umaro the sasquatch!

Umaro shows how the moogle politico achieved his position of prominence, manipulating the press, the public - and even members of his own party - by means of blackmail, how he derailed his opponents' campaigns by leaking sensitive information, and how his own personal scandals eventually resulted in war between Narshe and Figaro!

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