Gone With the Wyndia starring Ryu and Nina For more than sixty years, this sweeping epic of passion and excitement has thrilled audiences across the worlds'! Set against the background of the terrible civil war between two alternate versions of the Kingdom of Wyndia, Gone With the Wyndia is a classic that will never lose its appeal.

Nina Wyndia XXVII and her corresponding Ryu give the best performances of their lives as Scarlet Wyndia and Ryu Butler. Their stormy relationship is the point around which the epic grandeur of the film revolves, but there is no shortage of excitement, romance and drama along the way! Gone With the Wyndia won every single Garr Award the year it was released - and a few extra the next year, too!

Gone With the Wyndia boasts a stirring soundtrack and some of the most enduring imagery in cinema history, so you don't want to miss out on experiencing the majesty and power of this classic in digitally remastered DVD!