Not Again, Dear Quark - Magic Emperor Ghaleon Not Ghaleon, Dear Quark, the autobiography of Magic Emperor Ghaleon, was a surprise hit, busting out of the biographical genre to top the New Parm Times bestseller list for three weeks running. Now, the author capitalizes on that amazing success, with Not Again, Dear Quark, the sequel to the autobiography of Magic Emperor Ghaleon!

In this astonishing work, written by Ghaleon in a variant timeline 1,000 years in the future and available in this reality FOR THE FIRST TIME, he reveals his unprecedented second chance at life by an exclusive deal between the OBURG Media Group's Bromide Press and the original future publisher, Ramus House/Bantam Ausa.

Discover Ghaleon's second astonishing world tour, his work as the false Dragonmaster, his opinions of his new colleagues ("They just don't make White Knights like they used to"), and the final, life-altering decision that led him to write this work.

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