The Fashionable Ninja - Shadow Have YOU ever wondered just what the secrets to ninja success REALLY were? Most untrained observers assume that combat and stealth training are the most important aspects of Ninja-dom, but revealed FOR THE FIRST TIME in this astonishing new book is the REAL secret of Ninjitsu: fashion!

Leading stealth assassin Shadow brings to the world the ancient ninja clothing secrets that have made his job class one of the most powerful and popular in the worlds. Inside, you'll learn:
  • Full-face vs mouth-only: The Great Mask Debate
  • Black Clothing: Bonuses to stealth checks AND good looks
  • Hiding knives on skin-tight bodysuits: Ninja tricks
  • That thing on Shadow's head - what is it REALLY?
If this sounds good to YOU, then order The Fashionable Ninja TODAY for a mere 3,000 gil - a 500,000 gil value*!

*typical price for Ninjitsu training, including room and board, travel expenses, and about 100,000 gil thrown in just for the heck of it