Krelian has written a sequel to his best-selling How to Live to Be 500 (5,000,000,000 copies sold). The book describes many of the sometimes frightening signs of aging and then goes on to explain why many of these are nothing to worry about. Furthermore, says Krelian, most of them need not happen at all.

How to Stay Young All Your Life is full of suggestions for ways to control and even avoid the "slowing down" and discomfort of advancing age... how to add fuller, richer years. The author explains how physical or emotional tensions can rob you of life, and tells you how to remove or eliminate them.

Exercise - from isometrics to Solarian Rhythm - none too difficult, all easy to do in your place of business or at home - are described clearly and in great detail. Diet - from what foods are best for you to Krelian's "Nibbler Diet" if you want to lose weight - is discussed always with the satisfaction of eating and the sheer good taste of food in mind. Krelian explains why added years need not mean the death of sexual activity, and suggests how to make your present sex life richer and more satisfying.

How to Stay Young All Your Life, a book about you, is written with good humor and good sense. It tells you how to live every day in better physical condition and in a better frame of mind, and leads you toward finding the riches and health that will help you add years to your fuller, longer life.

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