See No Evil - Odd Eye Odd Eye, a former General in the Devil Army and head of the Evil World's joint chiefs of staff for seven epochs, reveals for the first time in this stunning expose the state of the modern Devil Army - and it isn't pretty!

Part autobiographical odyssey, part indictment of Zeon's policy decisions, See No Evil is an important book that Zodiac Brave Monthly calls "the best damned book since The Durai Papers!" Stunning praise, but it is well warranted, as the following excerpt shows:

As if things weren't bad enough, then there was the Don't Scry, Don't Tell policy on alignment. This was what, ten, twenty centuries ago by mortal calendars? Anyway, we were losing recruits, and Zeon decided to start letting anyone in - True Neutral, Chaotic Good... I think half the army could have taken the Holy Knight job class.

And this is just one example! Odd Eye's conversational tone, perceptive observations, shocking subject matter and unique viewpoint make this one of the most page-turning works of non-fiction in years!

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