Locke Cole and the Temple of Doom - Locke Cole Sequel to the blockbuster hit Raiders of the Lost Arc Knight, Locke Cole and the Temple of Doom features treasure hunter extraordinaire Locke Cole in his most dangerous adventure yet!

From the exotic streets of 1930s Wu-Tai to the cultist-infested wilderness of the El Nido Archipelago, Locke, accompanied by his kid sidekick (Gau) and an opera floozy (Celes Chere), must evade enemies old and new in his quest for a set of ancient magical stones.

But also searching for the stones is an evil death cult and its fanatical leader (Ward Zabac) - and they will stop at nothing to get their mystic prize and world domination... and only Locke can stop them!

Ramus of Burg won the prestigious Garr award for Best Director for this adventure masterpiece and Starky and Ershin give it "two roughly thumblike appendages up... way up!"
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