Pride of the Worren - Cray Few outside the leaders and elders of the widespread Worren Tribe have known the secret and inspiring history of these noble and ferocious cat people - UNTIL NOW! Worren Tribe leader Cray reveals for the first time the facts behind Worren civilization, in Pride of the Worren!

Discover the epic glory of the myth-shrouded Cataceous Period, when Worrens ruled the worlds and the only other mammals were simply small rodents that hid in bushes. Learn of the controversial archeological evidence that indicates that basically every major ancient structure was really built by Worrens. Gain a greater understanding of the philosophical tradition of the Worren Tribe, exemplified in the statement, question and/or exclamation, "Well don't that just beat all?"

Pride of the Worren can be YOURS for a mere 1702 Zenny, or three Largemouth Bass and a Halibut!