Enchantment - Edward;Spoony and Ghaleon Edward Damcyan:Spoony's latest release is already their most successful to date! Having recently changed the name of the band from Edward Damcyan and the Spoony Bards because they thought the new name sounded somehow... spoonier, they've taken the worlds' music scene by storm all over again!

With Enchantment, The dulcet tones of Edward Damcyan:Spoony are enhanced by the presence of worlds-famous silver haired baddie Magic Emperor Ghaleon! The former premier of the Magic Guild of Vane lends his unique lute-playing talents to the all-lute band's eclectic mix of styles, and the results are nothing short of incredible.

Sit back and let the hypnotically smooth tunes of Magic Emperor Ghaleon lull you into peace and harmony, with the worlds' most popular folk/easy listening Muzak players accompanying him. Hit singles include Let Me Decide For You, I Just Wanna Be Your Divine Emperor, Mega-Magic Unrequited Eternal Love and Time To Die Peacefully!

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