Hyuga Ricdeau has been marked for death, and he'll need all of his lethal instincts and seductive charm to survive this action-packed adventure! Citan Uzuki once again brings inimitable style to his portrayal of the unstoppable Agent 003/343.

Hyuga must find the missing "Solex Agitator," a device that will harness the sun's radiation and give awesome power to whomever possesses it. But, also vying for the prize is Palmer, a world-class assassin who brandishes a distinctive golden Mako Gun. When 003/343 discovers he is to be Palmer's next target, he is hurled into a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, continuing the search as he evades the killer on his trail. Hyuga must also contend with Palmer's exotic lover Yuffie Kinsaragi, and Cait Sith, whose small size belies his lethal abilities. Even as 003/343 enlists the aid of sensuous Agent Miang, he must overcome ferocious odds to survive an explosive showdown on Palmer's remote island.

With a riveting boat pursuit, a wild automobile chase through Wutai, and Hyuga's stunning confrontation against an entire martial arts school, The Man With The Golden Mako Gun delivers pull-out-the stops excitement!