What would you give to be a 'fly on the wall' at the behind-the-scenes action that was never shown to the public in Grandia? To discover the world-shattering secrets of its stars and cast? Only one life form can take you there - the inconspicuous, observant, and always present Puffy!

In Grandia Confidential, Puffy's first book, this enterprising mascot reveals for the first time the real story of Grandia... and it's not what you think! Only Puffy could gain access to this information, and now you can benefit from his?her?its? investigative zeal!

Inside this shocking expose:
  • The REAL secret of 'Gadwin's Secret Move'!
  • The Mogay World Conspiracy AND the 'Gnomes of Zil Padon'!
  • The Icarian Twin Legends you DIDN'T see!
  • The REAL reason for the high party-member turnover rate!
  • 10 Years After: fact or fiction?
  • and much, much more!
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