Leon Geeste, boy genius, has in the last two years written thirty-two best-selling novels, fifty-five major non-fiction works, and several collections of short stories. In the same period of time, he's also designed and built an interstellar ship capable of achieving speeds nearly 500 times that of light on a single tank of gas, formed and run a major engineering firm which was responsible for lifting Nisan Cathedral into the air, and constructing a foot bridge between Lunar and the Blue Star, invented an entirely new branch of magic by fusing Crest Sorcery with Heraldry Arts, and saved the worlds - four times. All this at the age of ten!

How does he do it?

Revealed for the first time are the secrets of Leon's extraordinary talent, his genetic predisposition toward genius, and his sheer amount of mad skillz, the events which drove him to be the best, and the techniques which he has used to maximize his productive time!

All this for a measly 4500 Expel G? It doesn't take Leon (or even a rocket scientist) to figure out what a great deal that is!