The fabulous Sabin Rene Figaro, actor, Prince of Figaro and five times Mr. Multiverse, is back for the further adventures of the barbarian warrior and future king by his own hand, Sabin!

In this sequel to the blockbuster barbarian epic, Sabin the Barbarian, Sabin is offered a terrible bargain - aid an evil queen (played by ex-Valuan Admiral Belleza) in her plans, and his lost love, Elhaym, will be returned to him.

Sabin must accompany a beautiful princess (Cecelia Lyne Adlehyde) and her imposing bodyguard (Barret Wallace) to find a magical jewel which is said to unlock the secrets to incredible power. But little does he know that a victory will cost him his life - and bring back from the dead a monstrous diety of death!

Based on the bestselling novel series, "Sabin the Barbarian," by Gau.