World- and time-travelling hero Crono has a reputation as one of the most skilled swordsmen around, and he's called the Silent Death for his unshakable silence. But what goes on in the mind of this inscrutable individual?

NOW, you can find out the answer to this burning question!

Revealed within:
  • WHY Crono hasn't spoken since early childhood... and STILL WON'T!
  • WHO the most important PERSON in CRONO'S life is NOW!
  • WHEN he would most LIKE TO LIVE - and CAN!
  • WHAT is the SECRET to his military and personal SUCCESS!
  • HOW he's dealt with the PROBLEMS of his life and times!
As if that were not enough, Crono, who was famed for the multiple possible endings he could experience, describes the true secret - the many possible BEGINNINGS he's had, and where he got his extremely unusual name!

In addition to these exciting revelations about his life in gaming, Crono also describes how he's kept busy since then - and for the first time ever, reveals the truth about his eternally so close but so far career in the RPG Playoffs - and his genuine animosity toward perpetual rival Edgar Figaro!

With style, wit and simple wisdom that will last a lifetime, Crono paints a moving and emotional picture of one of the most extraordinary lives in this or any other timeline - HIS OWN!

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