With his debut CD, "Demon Ball", Rap Masta Rapp established himself as one of the leading artists in his genre. Now releasing his second album, entitled "NEO Demon Ball", he's sure to have another hit on his hands!

The title track of Rapp's latest album (a remix of his '99 hit Demon Ball) has already become one of the most-listened-to (and loudest-played) songs on the radio. Controversy over offensive language in most, if not all, Rapp's songs has only served to fuel interest in his work. It has also garnered acclaim from some of the worlds' top critics:

I find Rapp's work some of the most innovative and fascinating today. He really tells it to 'da man' where it hurts, and he makes it accessible to the masses.
- Lacan, painter, guitarist of Fei Fong Wong and the Contacts, Returner

Yeah, I kinda like it. It's got a pretty cool beat, you know?
- Laguna Loire, ex-President of Esthar

Hearing this music called to mind all the wonderful Solarian culture I was exposed to while in the 'Sacred Empire', exactly the sort Caina and her cronies do not want published in The Trashman Cometh, my still forthcoming book which you will see.
- Krelian, Nisan-Waveist First Messenger

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