Cloud Strife has made a name for himself in the mercenary, world heroics, and telemarketing sectors with his unique and appealing combination of style and substance. Now, for the first time, Cloud tells how you can follow in his footsteps and turn your life around, with Chocobo Soup for the Soul!

Two years and forty seven levels ago, I was a washed-up mercenary and genetic freak. But thanks to the courage and dedication of my wonderful friends and companions, a few mastered Enemy-All materia, and my own desire to change, I've become wealthy, happy and fulfilled!
-from the Introduction

Cloud not only tells his own inspiring saga, he also presents those of other prominent RPG multiverse notables, like Sheena Lepant, Nash, Algus Sadalfas, Raijin, and many more! This collection includes fiction, non-fiction and even poetry - not to be missed.

All this for a mere 1200 gil plus shipping and handling? Ah, but there's MORE: order NOW and receive a BRAND NEW Enemy-ALL materia* that is YOURS TO KEEP - FREE**!

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