By day, he is mild mannered White Knight Leo. But by night, he dons his mask and becomes...
Mystere, the Messenger of Justice!

Best-selling graphic novelist White Knight Leo's latest offering, Mystere: The New Adventures, takes his masked hero to new heights of excitement! It chronicles the latest action-packed adventures of Mystere, The Messenger of Justice, as he must use all of his formidable mastery of disguises to infiltrate the stronghold of his archnemesis, The Wisecracker.

This is the fifth Mystere graphic novel, and like its prequels, The Adventures of Mystere, The Further Adventures of Mystere, Mystere's Greatest Adventures and Mystere's Excellent Adventures, it is sure to be a giant hit with fans of Leo's popular comic series (Adventures of the Messenger of Justice and its spin-off, The Mystere Adventures Digest).

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