Worlds-renowned painter and martial arts master Fei Fong Wong has been a household name to millions on the strength of his astonishing brush technique and tournament successes. But now, Fei branches out into new territory - revealing the mental short-cuts which have allowed him to prosper in spite of his tragic childhood and traumatic love life!

Discover the wonders of compartmentalization, the newest psychological technique only recently moved from the realm of illness to the realm of helpful time-saver! Learn how Fei overcame his disklike of gears and fighting by putting to good use his destructive inner child, Id, and how he later cordoned off other tasks to new personalities who loved them!

Fei explores how the relationship between multiple personalities can become a meaningful and pleasant experience rather than a battle for control, and how simple understanding can turn an internal enemy into the closest friend.

Fei's prose flows with the same rapid, impressionistic discontinuity as his painting, and like his painting, is sure to earn him high praise. Id's introduction is suitably blunt and to the point, providing fascinating counterpoint to Fei's work.

So what are you waiting for? You, too, can discover the joys of Getting in Touch with your Inner Child for a mere 1200 G plus shipping and handling!