They created the ultimate warrior to serve in their armies - but he had ideas of his own!
Action Superstar Sephiroth brilliantly creates the role of the Perfect Soldier: a genetically enhanced super-warrior cast out by his heartless creators, who turns against them to make his own mark on the world - or DIE TRYING!

Supervillain extraordinaire Sephiroth launched his wildly successful film career with the Lacan-directed action film PERFECT SOLDIER, produced by Sephiroth's own METEOR pictures. An instant blockbuster, it broke box-office records for its opening weekend as legions of action fans and Sephy fangirls flocked to see the Perfect Soldier in action.

NOW, fifteen years after its initial release, this action classic has been digitally remastered on DVD, with commentary from the cast, a special The Making of PERFECT SOLDIER mini-docudrama, and NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE!

Whether you're a dedicated fan or experiencing the pulse-pounding mayhem for the first time, PERFECT SOLDIER 15th Anniversary Edition is sure to score a direct hit on your DVD collection!