Written by a former Jowston military leader, this stunning expose reveals the corruption and inefficiency that have been the hallmarks of the civil and military government since it was restructured.

The author has kept his identity hidden because he fears retribution from his colleagues, and with good reason! Here are some of the startling facts revealed within the Secrets of the Suggestion Box:

* The Jowston Alliance isn't ruled by its heroic leader, or by the council of Lord Mayors - it is manipulated behind the scenes by Shu, the Minister of Security and former chief strategist!

* Highly placed Alliance military officials were appointed to their positions after little or no prior background checks - resulting in a core group of mysterious individuals who are now held up either as commanders in their own right or as largely independent operatives.

* Wine, women and... more wine abound in Leona's Bar, and there is no aspect of Jowston policy that isn't better known to the regular patrons than it is to the so-called policymakers themselves. Important leaders routinely get drunk and worse, often blabbing national security secrets for anyone to hear!

* Under Minister Shu, a consistent policy of recruiting rogues and vagabonds has stacked the armed forces with elite criminals who owe their livelihood to the Minister of Security... and, purportedly, serve as a secret police force for him.

* The war against Highland would not have been won if not for the help of the enemy! By a series of consistent miscalculations, Jowston's leadership left the country in a state of disrepair until King Jowy Blight overthrew his predecessor, Luca - and gave away crucial secrets to bolster his faltering opposition!


For any concerned citizen of Jowston, and for anyone interested in the region's real history, Secrets of the Suggestion Box is the absolutely definitive explanation of what is, and has been, really going on.

For a mere 50 potch plus shipping and handling, this important tome can be yours TODAY! Please allow 6 to 10 weeks for delivery.