Noted world hero and Beastman Mareg, whose appearances on television and at self-help seminars have made him an instant celebrity, has at last put his astonishing wit and wisdom to pen in Meditations, his first book.

Mareg's epic work teaches YOU how to find the SMELL of happiness! With simple mental exercises to relieve stress and improve your life in every season of the year, Mareg shows us how to help ourselves - the natural way!

Each of Meditations' four extensive chapters is illustrated by the author, and features his reflections on the natural world, and how it relates to us. Only an excerpt can truly express this incredible style:

"As the sea cucumber defends itself by vomiting up its own stomach, so too must we use our own strengths. We cannot, as the magpie, be distracted by shiny objects, but must pursue our goals, just as the determined boar pursues its food though it is harried by the snake."

If all this SMELLS like a good deal to you, order NOW, while dwindling natural resources last!