Worlds-renowned Gourmand Quina Quen, a world hero and master chef, reveals for the first time the astonishing secrets of s/he's people - the Way of Gourmand!

"There only two things in world - things you can eat and things you no can eat," begins the forward to this astonishing work. From this premise, Quina provides a step by step analysis of the way to live the Good Life. The answer? Eating!

Increase your magical powers, income and happiness, all with one simple system? It sounds almost too good to be true - but it's NOT, according to eyewitness testimony:

"I used to be a murderous blackguard, attacking innocent ships and stealing their supplies! Even though I was wealthy, I wasn't happy. Then I read Quina's book, and it opened my eyes! I became the owner of a worlds-renowned Bistro, and I've never felt better!"
-Black Pirate Gordo

"Quina's book changed my life. I went from being a lazy, fat and unhappy director of the Space Program to a lazy, fat and happy director of the Space Program!"

"Not only am I the richest man in the worlds, I've found peace and contentment through eating! Thanks, Quina!"
-Ramus of Burg

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