Witness the raw, untamed power of cinema's newest action super-star - SABIN RENE FIGARO! Five times Mr. Multiverse, Sabin brings his formidable frame and talent to the screen in this, his first film.

This is a tale from between the days when the oceans drank Zeal and the rise of Vector, a tale of the man who would become King by his own hand - Sabin, a barbarian of frigid Narshe. Captured as a child and sold to a group of slavers, his bulging biceps are honed by a decade on the Tetrahedron of Pain. Sent to fight in the pits of Gold Saucer, he becomes a warrior without peer, until the day when he is released to pursue his destiny.

Accompanied by Arty the Mongol (elf master archer Artea) and the beautiful Queen of Thieves, Elly (Elhaym van Houten), he sets off to destroy the evil Cult of Cactaurs, slay its sorcerous leader (Magic Emperor Ghaleon) and avenge his family.

Coming SOON to a theater near you!

an OBURG Media Group production