Cid Highwind: pilot, world hero, mechanic and, in recent years, bestselling author. With millions of gil, a trip into space and a happy, easily-abused homelife, he should have been the most contented Cid of them all.

But this creative genius was not satisfied with his mundane existence of killing WEAPONs, Sephiroth and numerous Tonberris, of building gigantic airships capable of achieving 87% of the speed of light on one drop of crude oil, of yelling loudly and obscenely at friends and family.

NO, Cid knew there was something more, which, as he explains in Zen and the Art of Airship Maintenance, is why he turned to the ancient Wutai art of stealing. But when that didn't work out either, he began to consider the basic questions of his existence and came up with this astonishing money-making tool!

Order Cid's magnum opus TODAY for a mere 3401 gil plus shipping and handling (non-Rocket Town residents add 100286 zenny tax) and you, too, can make the most of your life!