Collected for the first time in one volume, the soylent-fixin' recipes that have been a staple of the Solarian diet for almost five hundred years!

Not only is The Joy of Cooking Soylent one of the finest cookbooks ever produced, author Medina van Houten makes it a joy to read, as well, with amusing anecdotes of Solarian 1st Class Citizen life and the occasional -Lamb- joke that will have you holding your sides faster than an improperly prepared Soylent Casserole!

With recipes and serving suggestions ranging from the quick and simple (Soylent Burgers) to the mouth-wateringly outlandish (Steamed Soylent Steak with Al Dente Soylent Pasta Salad, marinated in a Soylent-and-Tomato Sauce with Soylent garnish), The Joy of Cooking Soylent is a truly indispensable guide!

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