Author, wild child, investment guru, world hero - is there anything that Gau can't do? In RAGE, his astonishing new work, Gau turns his laser-like wit and stirring style to a very personal subject indeed - himself!

Although he's touched on aspects of his own life in such works as Mr. Thou: The Unauthorized Biography of Sabin Rene Figaro and touched on personal anecdotes in classics like Grow Stronger on the Veldt: Gau's Fitness Program, he's never concentrated his formidable literary might on the subject... until now!

Gau pulls no punches on himself or others, and he isn't afraid to let the world know his darkest secrets as well as his finest hours, making this one of the most unbiased and startling autobiographies in history. Not an apology, it is only an explanation.

Gau's magnum opus, a literary and historical masterpiece that no home should be without, can be yours in a beautiful leather-bound first edition for a mere 3,000 gil plus shipping and handling!