Former 'Wild Child' and noted biographer Gau has exercised his literary muscle on several epic projects in the past, including two Deling City Times best-sellers. Now, he's turned his attentions to the art of finance in this, his fourth book.

Gau brings to the subject the same matter-of-factness and clarity that have won him critical acclaim for his other works. "Me trade what me know - and me know dried meat better than anyone!" he explains in the preface, written in his own unique style. And in Shiny! Shiny! he shows how he turned his knowledge of a favorite product (in this case dried meat) into yet another small fortune.

Unlike many financial 'experts', Gau writes from experience. Limiting himself to only a small starting investment, he traded his way to incredible wealth by following a plan so effective, it's amazing no one ever thought of it before.

Now this classic of financial literature has been revised and updated by the author to take into account the fast moving and exciting new world available to investors through the internet.

Praise for the first edition of Shiny! Shiny!

"I made three million gil off of my investment in Enemy-All Materia with a minimum expenditure of time and effort - now I live in a fabulous Costa del Sol villa and have money to spare for my outrageous hospital bills! Thanks, Gau!"
- Cloud Strife

"As an avid collector of Bromides and adventuring goods, I knew better than anyone what was quality and what, frankly, wasn't - so when I opened a store in Meribia, I was able to get these goods at the lowest prices and resell them at a reasonable rate. Now I've got stores in every village and town, and my collection of Bromides is nearly complete! I just hope Gau's next work is an exercise program!"

Financial security, peace of mind - even fabulous wealth! All this and more can be yours for the low, low price of 1250
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