World-renowned loser and no-account Seifer Almasy, the SeeD cadet turned Sorceress' Knight turned perennial RPGP laughingstock, has collected his thoughts on the all-important subject of Teamwork and set pen to paper. The results are nothing short of astonishing!

From Chapter One: Teamwork Means Staying Out of my Way to Chapter Thirty-Nine: Coping with the Inevitable Betrayal of your So-Called Friends, Seifer's mad personal skillz and outstanding grasp of the subject come to light.

Peppering his intensely practical advice ("If they don't do what you ask, just whack 'em a few times. They fall into line," he says) with amusing and charming anecdotes from his own team experiences ("So I told him, 'listen, chicken-wuss, either you stay here and shut up or I'll make it so you can never eat hot dogs again, you hear me?"), Seifer seamlessly weaves the styles together to create the definitive work on the subject.

The literary community waits with baited breath for Seifer's next work, the semi-autobiographical Why I'm Better than the Winners, but until then, enjoy and apply Principles of Teamwork for only 1,999 gil plus shipping and handling!