Acclaimed director/screenwriter/producer Ramus of Burg's instant classic has sold more tickets than any other film ever made, and has won 11 of the coveted Windia Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Garr awards, including best picture and best performance by a gender-neutral life form!

The timelessly new story of the last days of the doomed cruise ship Zelbless are depicted with the stirring passion and deep emotion of Ramus' other great works, the sci-fi horror/action masterpiece STARKIES and what many consider Sephiroth's finest role, Perfect Soldier XVII: Judgement Day.

Starring worlds-renowned rockin' bard Niki and also worlds-renowned dancer Miki, Zelbless' mix of romance, adventure, class envy, corny lines and superb special effects have made it an instant classic.

Available in VHS, slideshow and DVD!

The DVD special edition of Zelbless includes Zelbless: The Music Video, with the stars' rad tunes jammin' to scenes selected from the film. Some critics have called this more entertaining than the movie itself!

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