In public known more for her exploits as a Greenhill partisan and later as one of the more unconventional members of the Jowston Alliance army, Nina is privately a dedicated Flikwatcher! In The Flikwatcher's Home Companion, her first book, she puts to paper the hopes, dreams and aspirations of millions of women around the multiverse, and does so with a wit and charm rarely seen in even the most experienced authors.

Nina's style and subject cannot be done justice without an excerpt from one of the work's descriptive passages:

Could it be? Had Sir Flik's gaze, for but an instant, met my own? Was not there in his noble countenance, a flicker of understanding? Could it be that he shared, in some degree - every degree, for surely such a man can do nothing with less than supreme conviction! - the feelings I so carefully guarded in my heart? Oh, can heaven's finest charms compare, can all the countenances of men who ever walked this ground, be counted for more than nought next to that mere idea!

Yet coupled with her eloquence of prose and dedication to the subject is Nina's intensely practical advice, for herself and others. Here style is less important than substance, to just as spectacular an effect:

Sir Flik is, of course, not afraid of anything, least of all high places, so we can't be, either! He's in a pensive mood sometimes when he goes up to towers and balconies, and can there be a more romantic spot? Most areas like this offer a convenient hiding place, say blocked from his line of sight by curtains or a dividing wall, where one can stand, only emerging when he can be easily engaged in conversation!

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